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I didn't realize other people were as strange as I.

Hi! My name is Kelsey, I'm 17 years old, and I enjoy walks in the rain and hot chocolate. After reading Dorian Gray and absolutely falling in love, I went on a search for fanfic and lo! there thou art. ^_^ A friend actually told me about the story and the only copy at my school's library was an anthology (The Portable Oscar Wilde, anyone?). I've also read from it some poems and "The Selfish Giant," and am currently reading De Profundis. Some questions:

1. Was anyone else blindsided by the religious meaning in "The Selfish Giant"? I know I was, but then again, I've been dead on the religious front lately. (Re: this year I shed my Christianity and become an atheist.)
2. Does De Profundis get better? I didn't realize it would be a letter, and a rather long and tedious one at that, and I'm sorry Oscar but *headdesk* I'm at least 2/3 of the way through, though, so that's good. (I think the really terrible part was the beginning when Wilde's basically like "Bosie, look at all this crap you've caused me!" Now it's more like "Well, I really am learning from this experience, actually.")

Also, if I can ever bring myself to make the time to plan it all out I'd like to write a Dorian Gray fanfic. ^_^
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