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Date:2011-06-06 16:48
Subject:Newbie with a drabble -- and possibly more to come?
Mood: cheerful

Hi theeere! I'm Dizzy! *Waves*

I'm a total newb to the fandom but as soon as I saw this community, I had to join! I'm kinda sad that it's so quiet but maybe we can bring it back from the dead? :D

Anywho! I come bearing a drabble that I wrote yesterday! I'm a HUGE Oscar/Robbie shipper, just a warning! x3

Kind of NSFW drabble under the cutCollapse )

On a side note - I'm always looking to roleplay as well, if anyone from this community might be interested. :3 I play Robbie.

So yeah. :D Hiiii. x3

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Date:2011-05-18 00:48
Subject:Another Song

Me again, with another song.
This one's to the tune of a Meat Loaf song called "Priscilla", a rather excellent little song which I would highly recommend, but which I have unfortunately spoilt (or improved, depending on how you look at it) for myself forever, as every time it comes onto my MP3 I find myself singing the words to "Oscar, Oh, Oscar" instead....

Oscar, Oh, Oscar!Collapse )

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Date:2011-03-29 14:56
Subject:Two Oscar-Orientated Songs
Mood: giddy

Hello all!
Wohl_der_nacht here, dandy, aesthete, and (of course) Oscaroholic. I really am most delighted to have found this lovely community, but somewhat sad that it doesn't seem to get updated very often. So I thought I'd break the habits of a lifetime, and, instead of just lurking about in the background reading what everyone else has written, post something myself.
I don't write much in the way of fanfiction (I always feel strangely guilty taking liberties with other people's characters), though I love reading it. I do however have the rather entertaining and no doubt somewhat strange hobby of rewriting songs, usually on dandyish or Oscar-orientated themes.
So, here: have two little ditties. The first was written at Christmas to the tune of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" (I feel I ought to put some sort of disclaimer about there being no irreverence intended, or something - neither to the song's original subject and certainly not to its new one), and is entitled "God Rest Ye Merry Dandies (Oscar Our Saviour)"; the second was written a few weeks later, vaguely to the tune of Queen's "Killer Queen" and - forgive me, I couldn't resist! - is affectionately titled "He's A Dear Old Queen". Enjoy....

God Rest Ye Merry, DandiesCollapse )

He's A Dear Old QueenCollapse )

I have more of these, I warn you, quite a few more. If you think you can stand it, I shall post them here.

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Date:2011-02-27 22:43
Subject:Oscar/Bosie fanfic search

Does anybody know any Oscar/Bosie fanfics? I can't seem to find any.

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Date:2010-06-12 00:29
Subject:Aws Partially-Deceased Communites Make Me Sad D:

Here's some love!Collapse )

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Date:2010-04-13 16:18
Subject:He Would Have Wept

Title: He Would Have Wept
Fandom: Dorian Gray (2009 movie)
Characters/Pairing: Basil, Basil/Dorian
Summary: Based on the scene where Basil realizes Dorian's secret. He would have cried had he lived long enough.


stolensmile14.livejournal.com/7784.html )

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Date:2010-04-12 19:22
Subject:Would You Rather Have Nothing?

Title: Would You Rather Have Nothing?
Fandom: Dorian Gray
Pairing: Basil/Dorian
A/N: Basil's feelings as he kisses Dorian. (movie scene)


stolensmile14.livejournal.com/7550.html )

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Date:2010-03-28 22:18
Subject:First time posting...

Hello! I come bearing a cracky, tongue-in-cheek Bosie fan video. Just let me know if this isn't allowed and I shall delete. :)

Title: When Bosie Grows Up...
Fandom: Wilde (1997 Film)
Pairing(s): Bosie/Oscar
Song: When I Grow Up
Artist: Pussycat Dolls

here @ my journal.
here @ youtube.
here @ my tumblr.

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Date:2010-02-20 19:54
Subject:Hello my fellow cultists
Mood: contemplative

Alright! So! My name is Katelynna, and I was stalking LJ today and found this community- then IMMEDIATELY joined it. Someone somewhere asked people to say how you discovered Wilde- this si my story...weird as it may be.

So! Two years ago or so I was reading Sherlock Holmes fan fiction over on FF.net and found a lovely story called 'A Scandal of no Importance' in which Oscar and Holmes had an Affair in the past. It's extremely go and you should go read it. It mentions some stuff about Dorian and just has a whole bunch of Oscar being fabulous in it. So I got Dorian for my birthday and read it, and fell in love with it. I promptly bought first the plays, then 'the Collected Oscar Wilde' (which i affectionately call my Oscar bible). So now I'm obsessed.  My obsession for him lead me to the film 'Wilde' which had now bread my Stephen Fry addiction! It also lead to my inability to ever listen to Jude law's voice, and there by not be able to watch the new Holmes movie without being VERY scarred.

We recently read Dorian in my English class, and I get to write fanfiction for a school project! I should actually be writing it now. I'll probably post it here for some reviews- it's (probably) going to be Basil's ghost talking on Dorian as he sleeps the night he was killed.....I dunno. It's supposed to be a monologue. If anyone will give me advice I will love them FOREVER.

I also REALLY like RPing as Oscar- and I love Robby. I feel righter sorry for Bosie- I just like Robby better.

sooooo.....that's about it, eh? hahahaha....

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Date:2010-01-22 00:08
Subject:The Picture of Dorian Gray Slash Community

Hello, guys.

I'm here to announce a new love-nest specifically created for the remarkable work of our poet, The Picture of Dorian Gray. Join us and spread the slash. Click the banner!

P.S.: Please, mods, feel free to delete this entry if not allowed.

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Date:2008-12-19 20:41
Mood: hopeful

Hey there. I'm new here- well, LJ and the community- and I was also that one who posted the secret on fandomsecrets, if anybody managed to spot that. :P I managed to putter out a drabble, though I would like criticism. And if anybody would like to talk about Oscar Wilde, Bosie, and Robbie, and help me with characterization, you can shoot me an IM at nosexforben.

(Fake LJ cut here!)

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Date:2008-12-17 20:44
Subject:I didn't realize other people were as strange as I.
Mood: energetic

Hi! My name is Kelsey, I'm 17 years old, and I enjoy walks in the rain and hot chocolate. After reading Dorian Gray and absolutely falling in love, I went on a search for fanfic and lo! there thou art. ^_^ A friend actually told me about the story and the only copy at my school's library was an anthology (The Portable Oscar Wilde, anyone?). I've also read from it some poems and "The Selfish Giant," and am currently reading De Profundis. Some questions:

1. Was anyone else blindsided by the religious meaning in "The Selfish Giant"? I know I was, but then again, I've been dead on the religious front lately. (Re: this year I shed my Christianity and become an atheist.)
2. Does De Profundis get better? I didn't realize it would be a letter, and a rather long and tedious one at that, and I'm sorry Oscar but *headdesk* I'm at least 2/3 of the way through, though, so that's good. (I think the really terrible part was the beginning when Wilde's basically like "Bosie, look at all this crap you've caused me!" Now it's more like "Well, I really am learning from this experience, actually.")

Also, if I can ever bring myself to make the time to plan it all out I'd like to write a Dorian Gray fanfic. ^_^

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Date:2008-10-01 09:47
Subject:for subcutis -- more Bosie/Robbie!

Okay, after what seems like FOREVER later, we've written more to it. Kind of a Morning After thing, when Robbie wakes up and goes 'WTF?!'.

Here's what we've got so far.


Love bade me welcome but my soul drew back, guilty of dust and sin...Collapse )

And of course, just at a crucial moment, my Robbie-writer got busy. (I'll cut her some slack, it's usually MY fault.) Anyway, more next time!

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Date:2008-09-10 23:00
Subject:The Picture of Dorian Gray - Shattered (fanfic)
Mood: blank

The Picture of Dorian Gray - Shattered
Rating: Teen
Length: 991 words
Summary: Herein lies the tale of Sybil Vane's death.

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Date:2008-09-08 00:44

Hi! I discovered this community while looking for help with a fic I'm writing. I promise at some point I'll go back and read all the lovely fic that's been posted here, but fir now, I have a question.

I'm writing a fic based on The Picture of Dorian Gray. Love the book, and thought I'd get in before all the fanbrats jump on it after the film comes out. The fic is Basil/Dorian (ish), but Basil-centric, and based around the idea of the seven deadly sins. Currently it stands at around 800 words, but that's just the first part: Lust (of course). It might be an M rating, but I think it's more like a T. Anyway, I could really do with a beta reader, someone who knows the canon, to give it a once over and check my characterisation. This is the first time I've written these characters, and I'm not confident enough that I'm getting it right to continue with it, as it stands.

Help would be much appreciated <3


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Date:2008-08-28 20:44
Subject:[fic] - downwards spiral

Title: Downwards Spiral
Rating: PG
Pairing: Dorian/Basil
Summary: Basil watches as Dorian descends into depravity, and wonders at his own part in it.
Notes: There is no exact timeline for this and I'm not actually sure if I've even got everything accurate, (it's been a little while since I read the book) so please let me know if I make any mistakes.

Posted HERE at my journal.

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Date:2008-06-18 21:32
Mood: amused

Hullo lovelies. :]
I stumbled upon this community by chance, and I was extremely excited. But there doesn't seem to be a great deal of activity.
Does anyone think a few prompts, or something similar would help? I have several ideas, and I'm sure many of the other community members are brimming with ideas.

Wonderful meeting you!

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Date:2008-04-07 19:22
Subject:Bosie/Robbie fic.

Where all my Bosie/Robbie fangirls at, huh?

Anyway, my friend and I wrote this RP today when we were very bored, and I wanted to post it here for your entertainment. We're both WAY out of practice on this fandom and its chronology but simply enjoyed it, and at some points it's slow, but it's fun enough and it made us squee when we were writing it. There may be typos - I didn't edit extremely well. And I APOLOGIZE that it ends when it does! We'll post more tomorrow, most likely.

This is my first entry here. I hope everyone enjoys it.

I would much rather not consider myself to not be dining with him, just sitting at the same table by some cruel misfortune.Collapse )

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Date:2008-03-02 01:39
Mood: cheerful

Hi! I bring a very brief ficlet for The Picture of Dorian Gray - hope you like it.

Title: Before a Fall, or Premonition
Pairing: Basil/Dorian
Summary: Basil has difficulties capturing the essence of his model.
Word Count: 100
Notes: Set just after Basil started working on Dorian's picture. Originally written for serenity_winner's prompt "bend, snap, stumble."
Disclaimer: I am so not Oscar Wilde.

Close yet unfathomable, Basil knows.Collapse )

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Date:2007-09-22 01:41

So, I supposedly have bipolar disorder, and I'm taking mood stabilizers and zoloft. Something moderately odd happened last night, and it frightened me.

Basically, I wanted to stay up late. My doctor has told me repeatedly not to do this, but I did it anyways. The meds make me sleepy, so I skipped the stabilizer and went off to the Walmart in town. I was planning a birthday party for a friend. I went over there at midnight, because my check hits my account around then. Everything was fine for most of the trip, but something went wrong when we were waiting in line. I realized I'd better check my account for money, and it turned out my check never hit, and I had a balance of -.09 cents. So I got scared, because I had an entire shopping cart worth of stuff (hair dye, cheese, balloons, pepsi, ice cream, stockings, yarn) that I couldn't pay for. For some reason (and this is what scares me,) at the time I didn't realize that it would be possible for me to just put the stuff back, so I thought that I'd be stuck at the Walmart until my check finally hit the account. I kind of sat down on a ledge and started to cry. Well, I teared up. I didn't sob or anything. Then, I called my mom at work and asked her if she could see if my check had hit, or when it would. She told me it wouldn't hit until morning, and that I should go home.

I swore at her and went on about how she wanted me trapped at Walmart. Eventually, one of my friends put me in the cab, and we went back to our college. At that point, I couldn't really see much, and all these bright lights kept flying in and out of my vision. That has happened before, but not for several months. When I finally got into my dormitory, as I was coming up the stairs, I could hear one of my professors chanting (or just repeating over and over) "You are not very rigorous," and it was driving me crazy. I realize that he wasn't really there, or saying that, but at the time it didn't seem to matter. I had a massive headache and called my mom back to apologize for swearing and beg for her forgiveness. She figured something was out of the ordinary and reamed me for a few minutes. I kept apologizing over and over, and she kept telling me to stop. She eventually told me that she could only forgive me if I went upstairs and took my medications, so I did. When I woke up, all the weird stuff was gone.

This sort of thing happened pretty regularly last semester. (Once, the lights were actual bats.) Does this sound anything even remotely like bipolar? I'm worried that whatever is wrong might be more serious, because, damn, that felt really serious.

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