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Hi! I discovered this community while looking for help with a fic I'm writing. I promise at some point I'll go back and read all the lovely fic that's been posted here, but fir now, I have a question.

I'm writing a fic based on The Picture of Dorian Gray. Love the book, and thought I'd get in before all the fanbrats jump on it after the film comes out. The fic is Basil/Dorian (ish), but Basil-centric, and based around the idea of the seven deadly sins. Currently it stands at around 800 words, but that's just the first part: Lust (of course). It might be an M rating, but I think it's more like a T. Anyway, I could really do with a beta reader, someone who knows the canon, to give it a once over and check my characterisation. This is the first time I've written these characters, and I'm not confident enough that I'm getting it right to continue with it, as it stands.

Help would be much appreciated <3

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