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Newbie with a drabble -- and possibly more to come?

Hi theeere! I'm Dizzy! *Waves*

I'm a total newb to the fandom but as soon as I saw this community, I had to join! I'm kinda sad that it's so quiet but maybe we can bring it back from the dead? :D

Anywho! I come bearing a drabble that I wrote yesterday! I'm a HUGE Oscar/Robbie shipper, just a warning! x3

Everything about Robbie was liberating; his attitude, his wit, his charm. The way he moved beneath Oscar as they kissed, the soft gasps that escaped his lips as hands wandered over bare, warm flesh. The little giggle that he couldn't hold back as Oscar's fingertips brushed over a particularly sensitive spot that made him squirm. It was music to Oscar's ears. But nothing was quite as liberating as kneeling between those long, perfect legs, nothing quite so freeing as the moan that was wrenched from Robbie's throat at the first thrust of his hips, the exquisite heat that surrounded him. That moment was one that would change him forever; he was certain, in one small motion, he had found heaven.

On a side note - I'm always looking to roleplay as well, if anyone from this community might be interested. :3 I play Robbie.

So yeah. :D Hiiii. x3
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