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Hello my fellow cultists

Alright! So! My name is Katelynna, and I was stalking LJ today and found this community- then IMMEDIATELY joined it. Someone somewhere asked people to say how you discovered Wilde- this si my story...weird as it may be.

So! Two years ago or so I was reading Sherlock Holmes fan fiction over on FF.net and found a lovely story called 'A Scandal of no Importance' in which Oscar and Holmes had an Affair in the past. It's extremely go and you should go read it. It mentions some stuff about Dorian and just has a whole bunch of Oscar being fabulous in it. So I got Dorian for my birthday and read it, and fell in love with it. I promptly bought first the plays, then 'the Collected Oscar Wilde' (which i affectionately call my Oscar bible). So now I'm obsessed.  My obsession for him lead me to the film 'Wilde' which had now bread my Stephen Fry addiction! It also lead to my inability to ever listen to Jude law's voice, and there by not be able to watch the new Holmes movie without being VERY scarred.

We recently read Dorian in my English class, and I get to write fanfiction for a school project! I should actually be writing it now. I'll probably post it here for some reviews- it's (probably) going to be Basil's ghost talking on Dorian as he sleeps the night he was killed.....I dunno. It's supposed to be a monologue. If anyone will give me advice I will love them FOREVER.

I also REALLY like RPing as Oscar- and I love Robby. I feel righter sorry for Bosie- I just like Robby better.

sooooo.....that's about it, eh? hahahaha....
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